The Liberated 1945

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The book "Liberated 1945, White Boat Mission from Bergen-Belsen to Sweden" by Roman Wasserman Wroblewski depicts the dramatic journey of Holocaust survivors who came to Sweden after the liberation on April 15, 1945. This largely forgotten story of the important humanitarian UNRRA, White Boat mission performed by Sweden has never been elicited before and deserves the attention of Holocaust researchers and historians. The book tells the detailed single personal stories of the survivors through some 80 photographs and a number of  unique documents often created in Sweden and preserved in the Swedish archives. Thanks to the meticulous care received in the Swedish hospitals, the original medical documents presented here reconstruct the lives and suffering not only of the survivors but also are a record of the fate of entire families and have a rare value of contemporary testimonies of Holocaust victims who are no longer alive.
The Liberated 1945
Författare: Roman Wasserman Wroblewski
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