Roffes Snails

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Rolf Österberg born1972 is one of Sweden´s foremost writers of snail books. He got his first snail when he was 12 and has been hooked since then. Currently he is running a snail stable where he is breeding socially talented sails.

Rolf lives on an island called Möja in Stockholm archipelago together with his snails, cats and dogs. When he has time over he likes to ride his motorcycle and consume really spicy food.

Rolf is also well known on youtube as: 

"DarkestStar ASMR"

Remember: There can not be any light without darkness ..

Roffes Snails
Författare: Rolf Österberg
Artnr: 9789188173836
Vikt: 167 gram
Leveranstid: 2-5 dagar
ISBN: 978-91-88173-83-6
Förlag: GML förlag
Bandtyp: Mjukband
Format: 210 x 150
Antal sidor: 80
Kategori: Humor och kåserier