Kyrgyz World Heritage

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In this book Kerstin Paradis is telling about the Kyrgyz World Heritage;
Felt carpets and Yurts. In 2011 and 2014 UNESCO to preserve the knowledge certified them as World Heritage.

There is a lot to tell about Kyrgyzstan, but the author writes mostly about the yurts and the colourful Shyrdakcarpets and all other woollen things made of wool from the Kyrgyz sheep.

Kyrgyz World Heritage
Författare: Kerstin Paradis Gustafsson
Artnr: 9789188173706
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ISBN: 978-91-88173-70-6
Förlag: GML förlag
Bandtyp: Mjukband
Format: 200 x 250
Antal sidor: 144
Kategorier: Böcker på främmande språk, Facklitteratur, Geografi och resor